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Top Electricians » Articles » Electrician hourly costs

How Much Electricians Cost Per Hour

There is always need for an electrician at home, and it is a bit dangerous to attempt to do electrical work on your own. Employ only professional, licensed and experienced electricians to carry out the electrical work at home. Only a good electrician would know how to handle all kinds of electrical projects.

In most states electrician hourly rates are fixed between 40 to 100 dollars per hour, if they are trained to be a professional electrician. Federal laws and codes govern the electrical work carried out by licensed electricians. Most people think that electricians cost too much and therefore refrain from hiring a professional man. Since their work entails a fair amount of risk, the electrician cost per hour is relatively high. Also, they require a certain amount of technical knowledge to perform their work for which they are trained, so if anybody else performs it without the necessary knowledge and training, the work would be considered illegal.

Just because an electrician’s hourly rates are high, you should not hand out the work to a less experienced electrician because he charges less. First, hiring an electrician who does not understand the job well can be dangerous, and if he does not perform well, you end up paying more than what you had estimated by getting the job redone. A qualified and an experienced electrician will always do the utmost for you, even if you are paying high electrician fees.

One of the factors why experienced electricians cost more may be because of the travel charges which are added to the estimate. The travel charges are often calculated on an hourly basis, whereas some electricians charge a flat rate. Check out the travel charges in the estimate that you receive, and see whether you can save some money. If you choose an electrician who is closer to home, you can reduce the travel charges automatically. But you should never save on the other charges of the electrician, because you must be ready to pay for good quality.

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