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Energy Efficiency

Energy EfficiencyPeople are more mindful of using energy efficient sources of power now. The drive to conserve energy also comes from the fact that the cost of energy continues to rise. Energy conservation not only saves you money, but also cuts down pollution. However, it is easy to tell someone to be more energy efficient but it is truly a challenge to decide on which method fits your home and your needs best.

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Energy Efficient Ways to Reduce Electricity Consumption

Energy Audit
First, it is always a good idea to have an electrical contractor run an energy audit of your home. Firstly, this audit will show you how much power you consume and effective alternatives to reduce your energy consumption without giving up on your requirements.

For example, you can hire electricians to install timers in your home. Times can be used indoors or outdoors. They can be present for convenience and safety as well as power conservation.

Dimmers are another good way to save on electricity. Lighting dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the lights in your home. They are also a great way to change the ambiance in your home.

Energy saving devices such as LED bulbs can also reduce the amount of energy you use significantly. LED bulbs are smaller than most but have a longer life span and use less energy. These lights also do not just burnout, rather they fadeout gradually, giving you a little more use out of them. It must be said however, that LED bulbs do cost more than others but this cost is recouped as the frequency of buying bulbs drops drastically.

Ceiling Fans
Most homes tend to use pedestal fans as they can be moved around easily. However, ceiling fans are a great way to reduce energy costs in your home. During winter, the heated air tends to rise up therefore the ceiling fan helps to circulate this warm air around the room and back downwards. In the summer, ceiling fans create the much wanted cool breeze and distributes it more evenly across the room. (Click the following link for information on ceiling fan installation).

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Your home can use solar energy during daytime and switch over to electricity during the night. These systems should always be set up by a professional electrical contractor. You should also ask for advice on the effect these dual forms of energy will have on your appliances. Most electricians recommend that you have an even split of dependency.

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