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Electrician Rates

As we all know from past experiences, electrician rates can be quite steep. An electrical problem at home usually means we have to prepare ourselves for a high bill. Some electricians charge more than 100 USD per hour. Considering the fact that an electrician's job can take a few hours, well the math is quite simple… But the services of a professional electrician are not really something we can do without, particularly in emergency electrical situations. Perhaps it would help knowing what the electrician hourly rates are actually based on.

The higher the electrician pricing, the more qualified the contractor. A licensed electrician means that he has undergone the required training, is thoroughly familiar with the various codes and laws which are involved in electric work, and has successfully passed the state exam. Alternatively, a license is also granted to an electrician who has had extensive experience in the business, and whose long years of successful work merit him an official permit. Either way you know that hiring a certified electrician means you have hired a professional. You can rest assured that a trustworthy electrician will offer you an estimate after inspecting the problem at hand.

There are states in which there are license classifications for residential and commercial electricians. Not only that, some states have started to require separate licenses for specific fields in the electric industry, be it audio/video, wiring, burglar alarm system installations, fire alarms and telecommunication.

A licensed electrician clearly means top-notch professionalism, which in turn means higher rates and estimates.

What are these rates exactly? Take a look at the table below:

Residential electrician rates:
25th Percentile Average Rate 50th Percentile 75th Percentile
Journeyman Rate $45.00 $54.39 $54.50 $65.00
Apprentice $30.00 $39.79 $38.00 $47.75
First Hour Rate $55.00 $67.24 $65.00 $79.00
Minimum Charge $50.00 $66.29 $66.29 $79.50
Trip Charge $10.00 $20.84 $18.00 $30.50

NOTE: The above figures are nationwide averages of electricians cost per hour fees, and are provided for informational purposes only. Top Electricians are not responsible for actual hourly rates given by electricians to their customers. It is highly recommended to obtain at least three quotes before choosing an electrical contractor.

While electrician hourly rates are not cheap, remember that it is better to hire a professional, who is familiar with the ins and outs of electric problems and who is equipped to handle any malfunction, rather than hire someone who may charge less, but who will only do a mediocre job. In the long run, a less-than-professional job will cost you far more. When it comes to quality work, there is really no room for compromise.

Remember there is one crucial step before hiring the contractor of your choice: ask for electrician estimates first and foremost, and base your decision on them. Although quality should be your first priority, you would not want to hire an electrician whose pricing will take a heavy toll on your wallet.

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