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Electrical Maintenance

When it comes to electricity and using electrical appliances, our general premise is that if the lights come on and the toast gets done right, there really can’t be anything wrong. Well, here’s the thing, regular electrical maintenance checks give you the chance to avoid power outages, possible short circuits and above all, it definitely gives you the opportunity to avoid expensive emergency electrical problems.

Electricians can be easily hired to carry out your electrical maintenance checks. In fact, most households/offices prefer to have an electrician on contract to run these routine inspections.

If however, you feel you are capable of running these electrical maintenance checks on your own, then here are a few points to keep in mind. First of all, wear rubber boots or shoes with a rubber sole. You should also stand on a rubber mat as rubber is a great insulator and it protects you from getting electrocuted. NEVER! Wear any wet or damp clothes or have water on your hands when you go near a live feed. Make sure you create a checklist of all electronic appliances, fuse boxes and circuit breakers that you need to inspect. This way you know you have not missed out on anything.

Always check if the wiring of your appliances/light fittings etc. have not come out of their insulation. If so, make sure you have insulation tape handy to patch it up. Once you have taped up the wire, always put the appliance on and check it. Also, make sure you do not have wires running under carpets or across doorways. Secure the wiring in high traffic areas so no one can trip on them.

Power surges can happen if you have a power over load on one or many of your power outlets. Overloading electrical outlets can be dangerous. If you do not use some of your electrical appliances on a regular basis, then it makes sense to unplug them when not in use – this will also reduce your monthly electricity costs.

When in doubt, don't hold out!! Hire a licensed electrician to maintain your electricity. Submit the following form to receive multiple estimates from electrical contractors serving your area.

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