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Power Outages

A power outage is also commonly known as a power cut, power failure, loss/of power and or a blackout. A power outage is a form of an emergency security measure built into power grids and electrical wiring to ensure that the power goes out if there is a fault in the wiring or the circuitry.

Power outages can occur for many reasons. For example, blackouts occur when there is a problem at the power station, substations or the distribution network. It is better to cut the power than create power surges that will damage or destroy equipment and even start fires in some cases. Overloading of the electrical mains in your own home or office can also cause blackouts in your home or office building. Often power failures also occur during severe rain or thunder storms as well.

It is always a good idea to have a back up plan during loss of power. A very simple and effective practice is to always keep flashlights or candles and matches at strategic places like by your bedside, in the kitchen or in the living room.

If you feel that your office or household cannot do without power then you can always have an auxiliary power supply like a generator. Some opt to have a smaller generator that supplies power to essentials like the refrigerator and a few lights or a heater during winter. A generator might be a good option if the area you live or work in is prone to power failures.

Power cuts or power failures that occur due to bad weather cannot be avoided. Electricity outages in your own home or office can be avoided by having your electrician perform regular checks on your power supply, wiring and circuitry.

Avoid emergency blackouts by having electricians inspect your electricity. Submit the form on your right to receive multiple estimates from electrical contractors in your area.

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