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Replacing Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets which are also known as receptacles are openings linked to a power source where you plug in electrical appliances and equipments to make them work. Various kinds of outlets intended for different purposes are available in the market. If you want to replace the old outlets in your home, make sure that it will be done by licensed and knowledgeable electricians who are experienced in these electrical services.

Replacing old outlets is a must to protect your family from the dangers they can cause whether they are in the garage, bathroom, kitchen, or in the living room. Ensuring that all electrical receptacles are functioning well will prevent incidence of electrical fires and accidental shocks especially among children. You must be aware that outlets deteriorate over time. Plugs will become loosely fitted into outlets from frequent use and they may also have faulty wirings inside. These receptacles can overheat and could possibly lead to a disaster.

Here are the ten different types of electrical outlets:

    1. Duplex Wall Outlets or 120-Volt Receptacles
    2. Outdoor Receptacles & Soffit Receptacles
    3. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) Outlets
    4. 240-Volt Receptacles or 3 or 4 Prong Receptacles
    5. Tamper Resistant Outlets
    6. Floor Outlets
    7. Rotating Outlets
    8. Recessed Outlets
    9. 2 Duplex Receptacles
    10. Combination Switch & Receptacle

Never compromise when it comes to electrical safety. See to it that a plug is intended for the particular outlet before you connect them. Also, make sure that all outlets are regularly checked by an electrician to guarantee their functionality and safety. Contact reliable electricians today and let them check your home electric system to know its current status.

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