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Tamper Resistant Outlets

Children are curious by nature. If they have a pen/pencil/hairpin or any other pointed object in their hands, it is a natural instinct for them to want to stick it somewhere. Their natural choice is of course something in their eye line and since plug sockets are generally installed at a lower level, they are almost always the likely target. Provided they are properly installed by experienced electricians, child proof outlets ensure the safety of your child in the home.

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Tamper Resistant Outlet (TRO)

“Child proofing” a home starts with hiring electrical contractors to secure the power outlets in the home. The best way to do this is to install tamper proof power outlets all over your home. Tamper-Resistant Outlets or TROs are like any other power outlet with just one extra feature. TROs have a shutter mechanism that prevents children from inserting small objects or their little fingers into power outlets. The shutters work on a spring system and only open if equal power is placed on both shutters. This indicates to the outlet that a power pin is being inserted. If there is pressure only on one shutter, then the shutter does not open. Unlike plastic covers, which the child can take off, TROs are more secure and provide continuous protection.

TROs: Child Safety

Installed by professional electricians, TROs maintain a safe, hazard-free environment for your child to live in. The injuries children suffer from trying to insert foreign objects into non tamper resistant outlets range in severity and even lead to death. Even a minor injury can traumatize a little child. Also we must remember that children have softer skin than adults so electric burns at a young age leave very severe scars.

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