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Circuit Breakers

A circuit breaker panel, also known as a fuse box is normally found in every house. This box encloses circuit breakers which protect electrical systems from untoward effects of short circuits and power overloads. Circuit breakers are automatic switches that protect an electrical circuit from these conditions by ceasing electrical flow the moment they detect circuit trips also referred to as blown fuse. In houses with considerable number of electronic appliances, more than one breaker is usually installed by electrical contractors.

Power supply is distributed by power plants at 120 and 240 volts however the amount of electricity that enters homes depend on resistance or load. This resistance is defined as the amount of power needed for an appliance to work. For instance, the power needed to light up a light bulb depends on the resistance required to heat up the filament within the bulb.

Electrical appliances deliberately maintain electrical flow at fairly low level for safety reasons. If a great deal of electricity flows on a circuit, wires of electrical devices will heat up after a certain span of time. Without circuit breakers, which stops electrical flows during occurrence of power fluctuations, an electrical fire could most probably occur.

Protect your home from electrical dangers by making sure that all your circuit breakers are functioning well. Contact professional electricians in your area now and let them check your electrical circuit. Practicing utmost safety when it comes to electrical issues does not only protect your family from power hazards but also defends your financial investments such as your home and your expensive electronics devices.

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