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Top Electricians » Articles » Advantages of Dimmer Switches

What Are the Advantages of Dimmer Switches?

Dimmer switches are very convenient for controlling lighting in a room, you can turn the light low for relaxing, or when you want it brighter, you can adjust the lights to a perfect setting. There are some definite advantages to having dimmer switches, and electrical contractors are glad to recommend them.

Energy efficiency is one of the main benefits of dimmer switches. Actually the energy that you save can be up to 98 percent, and this will also be evident in your electric bill. You can control the lighting in the room by presetting a dimmer switch to a certain level. The life of the bulb is also increased due to reduced lighting wattage.

Dimmer switches can be used in any room of the house, like the bedroom, bathroom or a secluded romantic corner. The control switch is relatively easy to operate; sometimes it is just a knob or a sliding switch. Nowadays remote control is used by many where just the touch of a button can change the ambiance of the room. This is one of the biggest advantages of the adjusted dimmer light switched lighting.

The longevity of the light bulb increases when dimmer switches are being used. For example if the lights are dimmed by 25 percent, you are conserving 1/5 of the electricity. A light bulb that would have normally lasted 4 years may last you 6 years.

Dimmer switches can be used for fluorescent lights as well, but the light effect is not as warm as the effect of a bulb. The cool look of the fluorescent bulb is due to its color. Also, a dimmer switch will not increase the life of a fluorescent light. However, dimming through fluorescent lighting is extremely affordable and convenient.

Before you install lights and switches in your home, or if you are considering replacing the ones you have, consult an expert electrician about the many benefits of dimmer switches.

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